Sunday, August 16, 2009

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Admiral Frank "Skip" Bowman, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, argues that nuclear waste management is a less severe problem than many believe.
Frank 'Skip' Bowman discusses "More Nuclear Energy: Why America Needs it Now."
The volatility of natural gas prices and the potential for restrictions on coal-fueled power plants have combined to generate greater demand for nuclear power. Nuclear energy expert Bowman will speak frankly on the triumphs and challenges involved in securing a future for nuclear power in the United States. - The Commonwealth Club of California
Admiral Frank L. "Skip" Bowman is a native of Chattanooga, Tenn. He was commissioned following graduation in 1966 from Duke University. In 1973 he completed a dual master's program in nuclear engineering and naval architecture/marine engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was elected to the Society of Sigma Xi. Adm. Bowman has been awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Duke University. Admiral Bowman serves on two visiting committees at MIT (Ocean Engineering and Nuclear Engineering), the Engineering Board of Visitors at Duke University, and the Nuclear Engineering Department Advisory Committee at the University of Tennessee.
Ashore, Adm. Bowman has served on the staff of Commander, Submarine Squadron Fifteen, in Guam; twice in the Bureau of Naval Personnel in the Submarine Policy and Assignment Division; as the SSN 21 Attack Submarine Program Coordinator on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations; on the Chief of Naval Operations' Strategic Studies Group; and as Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Naval Warfare). In December 1991, he was promoted to flag rank and assigned as Deputy Director of Operations on the Joint Staff (J-3) until June 1992, and then as Director for Political-Military Affairs (J-5) until July 1994. Adm. Bowman served as Chief of Naval Personnel from July 1994 to September 1996.
Admiral Bowman assumed duties as Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion, on 27 September 1996, and was promoted to his present rank on 1 October 1996. In this position, he was also Deputy Administrator for Naval Reactors in the National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy. Admiral Bowman retired from the Naval Service in November 2005.
Admiral Bowman is currently president and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), positions he has held since February 2005. NEI is the policy organization for the country's commercial nuclear power industry, and its mission includes interaction with Congress and the Executive Branch, as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.